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Concrete batching plants have revolutionized the construction industry by providing efficient and reliable solutions for producing high-quality concrete mixes. Tensik’s Alpha Series X1, X1-4ST and X3 are exceptional examples of dry stationary plants, each designed to meet specific project requirements. Let’s delve into the details and explore their distinctive features.


The X1 is a powerhouse of capacity and precision. With a 12 cubic yard aggregate batcher, it’s equipped to handle substantial volumes of materials, making it ideal for large-scale projects. The 1200 bbl split round cement silo ensures ample storage space for cement, while the complete aeration system guarantees consistent and quality concrete production. This plant’s advanced features, including MVE electric type vibrators and NTEP certified load cell system, ensure accurate mixing and exceptional results.


For projects demanding high performance and efficiency, this one is a standout choice. This plant is perfect for time-sensitive ventures. It comes equipped with a 12 cubic yard aggregate batcher and a 1200 bbl split round cement silo with a fluidizing kit. Safety features such as pulley guards and a safety trip switch enhance its reliability, making it an excellent option for demanding construction scenarios.

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The X3 is the epitome of comprehensive excellence. Designed also for high-quality concrete production, it offers a balanced approach to handling materials. This dry batch stationary plant features a 12 cubic yard aggregate and cement batcher, along with 700 BBL cement and 400 BBL fly ash bins. The 30″ x 100″ radial stacker conveyor with a 10×12 hopper ensures efficient material transfer. The Alpha Series X3 is versatile enough to cater to various construction needs, making it a reliable and all-encompassing solution.


Your choice among these powerhouses depends on your project’s specific requirements. If you’re aiming for substantial capacity and precision, the Alpha Series X1 is your go-to. For projects that demand high performance and efficiency, the Alpha Series X1-4ST shines. And if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that combines various features, the Alpha Series X3 is an excellent choice.

Customize your ideal Concrete Batching Plant

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