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Tensik’s silos are versatile and designed to accommodate various bulk materials commonly used in construction and concrete production. The types of bulk materials that can be stored in Tensik’s silos include:


Silos are frequently used to store bulk cement, keeping it dry and readily available, which is a fundamental component of concrete production.

Fly Ash

A byproduct of coal combustion, is a supplementary cementitious material that can be stored in silos and used as a partial replacement for cement in concrete mixes.


Some silos are designed to store aggregates like sand, gravel, or crushed stone. These materials are essential for producing concrete and are often stored in different compartments within the silos, ready for concrete production or as a base for construction projects.


Used in some concrete mixes to adjust the alkalinity of the concrete and is stored in specialized silos. Limestone is a common sedimentary rock that has various applications in the construction and concrete industry.

Chemical Admixtures

Specialized substances added to concrete to modify its properties, these maintain a stable operating temperature inside the batch plant. Some components may require additional heating or insulation to perform optimally in cold weather.


The specific type and configuration of the silo will determine the type and quantity of bulk material it can store. Tensik offers a range of silo solutions, both portable and stationary, designed to meet the diverse needs of construction and concrete production projects. Each silo type may have its own specialization, so it’s important to select the one that aligns with your project requirements. These silos are an essential part of concrete batching plants and play a crucial role in ensuring a continuous and efficient supply of materials for concrete production. Contact us to get more information through our experience in the industry and get started with Tensik!

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