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When it comes to redefining concrete production, Tensik introduces two heavyweight champions that promise to revolutionize your projects. In this head-to-head battle, we bring you the PRO MOBILE 1 and the DECUM 1, each with its unique strengths and capabilities. Let’s dive into the showdown and discover which one holds the key to your construction success.





PRO MOBILE 1: Efficiency On-the-Go

The PRO MOBILE 1 steps onto the stage with a theoretical hourly production rate of 150-200 cubic yards, tailored for small to medium-sized projects. Its quick setup and easy transportation prowess make it a game-changer for dynamic construction environments. Safety takes the front seat here, with features like a head and tail pulley guard and a safety trip switch enhancing on-site security.

On the feature front, the PRO MOBILE 1 boasts a 12-yard scale hopper bin, an aggregate dosing system with NTEP-certified load cells, and a portable square 60-ton cement silo. It’s the embodiment of versatility and efficiency, perfect for projects that demand agility without compromising on quality.

#TENSIKFACTS: The Pro Mobile 1 is an accumulative plant with a storage capacity of 40 tons of aggregates.

DECUM: Portability Meets Excellence

The DECUM enters the ring with a promise of high-quality concrete production on the move. Its 12 cubic yard aggregate batcher and 60-ton cement silo can tackle projects of any magnitude. The automatic batch controller ensures precision and consistency, leaving no room for compromise.

In the battle of features, this concrete plant shines with a 10 HP, 240-gallon air compressor, and a WAM Silotop Zero dust collector filter system with pulse-jet air cleaning. Every component is tailored for efficiency and excellence, delivering concrete masterpieces with every batch.

#TENSIKFACTS: The Decum is decumulative and does not have aggregate storage.


Explore their capabilities and understand how each one aligns with your construction aspirations. Embark on a journey of informed decision-making and usher in a new era of construction success!

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