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The RAPTOR, a sophisticated system designed for concrete plant and cement industries, boasts two scale hoppers bins decummulator, each with an 8yd capacity, and is equipped with eight 20000lb load cells, and a pneumatic cylinder for gate operation. Its belt conveyor features a 40ft length, 24-inch belt, a 15hp electric motor, and a pendular speed reducer with double discharge selection. The cement setup includes a 45-ton custom silo, fluidizing kit, pressure valve, dust collector, 4-ton scale, four 2500lb load cells, and batch controllers. Completing the package is a 5hp digital water pump system.




Portable System:

– 2 scale hoppers bins decummulator with full weight capacity of 8yds each

– 8 load cells with a capacity of 20000lb each

– Pneumatic cylinder activated by solenoid valve to open and close the gates

– 2 MVE electric vibrator


Belt Conveyor:

– 40ft long conveyor Cema B with 24inch belt

– 15hp electric motor

– Pendular speed reducer double discharge selection


Cement System:

– 45-ton custom cement silo

– Fluidizing kit, pressure valve, dust collector

– 4 tons cement scale, 4 load cells 2500lbs with electric vibrator

– Automatic batch controller and manual controller

– Air compressor 7.5hp

– 2 Axle 20.000lb each


Water System:

– 5hp electric water pump with digital output-Badger meter with electronic output

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