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Why Mixing Concrete On Site Is Better

We all know the basics of making concrete – inert materials or aggregates, cement, and water mix together to create concrete. Yet, the chemical reactions between water and

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What is a concrete batching plant?

A concrete batching plant is an industrial facility designed to precisely and efficiently combine the various components that make up concrete, such as cement, water, sand, and aggregates. This process is carried out following specific formulas that vary depending on the characteristics and requirements of the desired concrete.

What is the importance of having a concrete batching plant in an industrial project?

This type of plants is essential in the construction industry, as they allow the production of large volumes of high-quality concrete, in an efficient and controlled manner, thus contributing to the development of solid and durable infrastructure.

What are the types of concrete batching plants?

Based on mobility: there can be two types stationary or mobile (portable). And, based on the type of batch: Dry Batch Plants or Wet Batch Plants. .

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