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The TENSIK 60 is a sophisticated and versatile solution for concrete production. It boasts a high-capacity hopper, a pneumatically-activated cylinder, a robust water pump with a mechanical water meter, and an efficient belt conveyor powered by an electric motor with a pendular speed reducer. The system includes a sizeable compressor tank, STAR/STOP switches for motor protection, and relays for electro-valve control. It offers digital weight indicators for both aggregates and cement, a 45-ton cement silo, a fluidizing kit, a spacious cement hopper, high-capacity load cells with digital reader, an MVE vibrator, and a pressure valve, creating an all-inclusive package for your concrete needs.




– 2 Hoppers with full weight capacity of 6.5 yd each. – 8yd

– 8 Load cells capacity of 5000 kg each (10.000)lb

– Pneumatic cylinder activated by electro valve, MVE vibrator Include

– Water pump of 3HP.

– Mechanical Water meter

– Belt Conveyor

– 40Ft long Conveyor Cema B with 24 inch belt – electric motor- pendular speed reducer.

– 3 HP compressor with tank capacity of 100 liters.

– Contactors STAR/STOP switches with motor protection and relays for controlling the electro valves.

– 3 Digital weight indicators for aggregates and cement.

– 45 Ton cement Silo

– Fluidizing kit.

– 4000kg Cement hopper.

– 4 load Cells – Capacity of 2000 LB with digital lector.

– MVE vibrator include.

– Pressure Valve

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